teeny tiny tantrums

throw your tantrums, teeny-tiny style! with these adorable 1 inch pins.



teeny tiny tantrums is expanding a bit! i'm making my designs available on shirts, aprons, clocks, magnets, onsies, maternity shirts, totebags, messenger bags, etc over at my CafePress Shop. more will be available each week, so if there's something you wish i'd do, just yell at me and i'll get on it!


i've joined a street team on etsy, designed to help the animals! lots of talented artisans coming together to donate to help the animal charities of their choice.



i have SO many new pins to add to this site! going to double or triple inventory. as soon as i can get some website help from the overworked husband. here's a preview!



my pins will soon be available in another great location!
One Stop Vegan Shop

If you order your cruelty-free products online, you should really check this shop out, they have a really great variety of the hard-to-find stuff. I'm itching to buy the ecco bella vanilla perfume! also, i'm just in love with this family because of their 9 year old daughter's quote (on the about us page):

"When you are brushing your teeth you may be using toothpaste that is tested on animals. They hurt the animals to see if it works. That is very wrong."

how smart is that little girl?! i more so much more at peace knowing that there are other children out there learning kindness and compassion.



big news!
not only are teeny tiny tantrums pins available at the uber-cool the herbivore store in portland, oregon- but now they are also on their way to beautiful San Diego, California to All Vegan. This is such a great store owned by a wonderful lady who is also the director of the San Diego chapter of Last Chance for Animals. If you are in the area stop in and check it out! Then comment here, so I can be totally jealous of you!



5 new pins are coming! i was in a black & white mood. the robot one was made by my son- he's totally proud of himself. we'll have these up on the site soon, but until then- you can get them on my etsy!



seahorses...owls...triceratops...flamingos... oh my! i added 7 pieces of jewelry to my etsy shop. plus i added knit hats and handmade jewelry pages to my website. for the time being, i'll be mostly linking to my etsy shop for one-of-a-kind pieces.

also: i have bunches of new pins that'll be ready very, very soon.



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